the capelli Story

Richard's Marine Service only wants to offer the best to our customers and community. That is why we have decided to partner with Capelli- USSA Inflatables, distributor for Cantieri Capelli of Cremona, Northern Italy.

Richard's Marine Services was completely sold on becoming dealers when we learned of the great expertise that Capelli has when it comes to the manufacturing of it's boats. They have the most advanced boatbuilding technologies available. They have competent and motivated seasoned professionals. These qualities in a company were something that we could not look over. 

Tempest 250 

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Capelli Inflatables 

Capelli Boatyard was established in 1974 in Cremona, Northern Italy. Since establishment, Capelli has become the leading manufacturer of boats in Europe. Like Richard's Marine Service, Capelli is a father-son business. Davide Capelli had a love for the River Po, and with his limitless creativity, he decided to begin a new venture. At first Davide made flat keel river boats, but with the help of his son Umberto, they furthered there concentrations in the boat industry. They turned to the design of competition canoes. 

The turn of Capelli boats and business came in 1986. This is when Capelli was able to unveil their 4.7 meter Fisherman at the Genoa Boat Show. This unveiling was recieved with great enthusiasm and would allow Capelli to diversify in eve ngreater ways.

By 1992, this diversification brought Capelli into the manufacturing of inflatables. They manufactured a fiberglass-keel inflatable line that gained incredible recognition in the market as well as a substantial share in the inflatable boat industry. Today, Capelli has grown it's inflatable line to 29 different models that are built with nothing but the best quality. 

With YEARS of experience under them, Capelli still does not take any chance when it comes to the manufacturing of their boats. They will test and re-test each component before assembly, and will devote great time and effort into the finish to ensure that every vessel is in the perfect condition. Along with the assembly of each vessel, the finest resins, marine plywood, solid teak, stainless steel, Neoprene Hypalon, and other high quality products are used in the manufacturing of each boat. 

With the Richard's Marine guarantee we now bring to the North Shore Capelli Inflatables. With the upmost safety, ocmfort, and quality in design this is an inflatable that ever customer should consider.