In the late 1970's Jacko retired and the Salem Marine Basin was sold and is now part of the Pickering Wharf Project. All that remains is the wet, seasonal slips and storage. The marine service facility is no longer present, but there is still the presence of building, slips, and yard access. 

At this point, Richard established his own business: Richard's Marine Service Inc. This began the second generation in the marine business for the Femino Family. since 1977, he began doing the same thing as his father taught him:

1. Be knowledgeable about your product and occupation.

2. Invest in good tools and equipment to meet your customer's needs. 

3. Take pride in your work, and produce a finished product with satisfaction.

4. Have good customer service relations, and listen to their criticism whether that be good or bad. 

5. Never give up on a problem. there is always a solution. 

Richard's Marine Service Today: The Third Generation 

The History of Richard's Marine Service Inc. 

The Beginning...

In the early fifties, James (Jacko) Femino purchased a parcel of waterfront property located at the end of the South River, bordering Congress Street in Salem, Massachusetts. 

The river basin was in poor shape and at low tide had little to no water. It was used mostly for ferry boats operated by Captain Freddy Jalbert to traffic people to their vacation homes on Baker's Island. Though movement in the area was restricted because boats could only use it at mid to high tide, Jacko could still imagine that the area could be developed into a thriving marine service center that could accommodate many boating enthusiasts.

For the past seven years, Richard's Marine Service has been run by the third generation in the Femino Family, Anthony Femino. Anthony is son to Richard, and grandson to Jacko.

Not only did Anthony grow up in the marine business, but he has certifications from various mechanical schools. He also carries the family's enthusiasm for customer service, quality, and safety on the water. Anthony has a unique passion for serving our customers of many years while extending our services to new generations of boaters.

Over the years of Anthony running Richard's Marine Service, he has delved into advancements to better serve our customers. He has added new locations to provide a more efficient service. A new, and state of the art inflatable line has been added to our dealership sales. He has begun to look into more eco-friendly alternatives to not only keep our customer's boats running with the cleanest and safest products, but also to better serve our surrounding environment.

Like his father, and his grandfather before him, Anthony will continue to work with skill and enthusiasm to continue the Femino history.

In the next 30 years, major projects were accomplished, and Salem Marine Basin Inc. was established. 

1. To accommodate local Salem residents who liked to fish and could not afford boats, row and motor boat rentals were introduced. This was the first of its kind in the North Shore. 

2. A huge dredging project left the basin 5 to 6 feet at mean low water. Allowing many boats of various sizes to enter and leave the basin without hitting the ground. 

3. The wooden bulkhead was replaced with an enormous granite wall that extended the length of the property and to Finz Restaurant. 

4. Numerous floats and finger piers were constructed using fiberglass buoyancy (also a first of its kind on the North Shore). These floats accommodated 90 to 100 pleasure boats.

5. Another first, a marine travel lift was designed and installed to haul and launch boats, power and sail. 

6. The addition of the travel lift allowed for accommodating winter storage.

7. Innovative boat racks were designed and built. This concept is called "Rack Storage". It was a new concept of launching boats by appointment, and also increased storage to 155 boats. 

8. There was a new building constructed to make for M.F.G. Boats and Evinrude Franchises. This building still stands today. 

9.An innovative "bubbler system" was designed by Richard Femino (the beginning of the second generation, and Jacko's son). The system kept the ice from forming in the basin, thus allowing winter boat storage. 

The Second Generation...

Anthony and his Grandmother

Location: Salem Marine Basin